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LENR or "Cold Fusion" Thread

Post your thoughts/links on LENR or Cold Fusion here.

Started by Futureman in Open Forum

6494 1 second ago
Reply by Parallel

Why not below 100Hz?

Why the hell didn't Zenn publish the data for frequencies below 100Hz.The justification that measurements below 10Hz or even 100Hz would no…

Started by gaga in Scientific Information

151 52 seconds ago
Reply by student

SpaceX News

This site is for discussion of Elon Musk's SpaceX rockets and flights.

Started by DGDanforth in Scientific Information

23 36 minutes ago
Reply by DGDanforth

Why would DW embarrass himself by letting his product be tested by DE

Again if I was in DW shoes I would not be letting Someone with the street cred of DE near my product only to be allegedly told I have a box…

Started by Sherlock in Open Forum

14 2 hours ago
Reply by mjt

Uncomfortable truths for uranium nuclear power apologists

Here is an interesting read about a scientist who has done his homework on the effects of radiation from uranium nuclear power, both high a…

Started by AD2 in Scientific Information

108 3 hours ago
Reply by AD2

Latest Quantumscape Job Postings: April 2014

Battery Material Coating Technician - Particle Synthesis & Electrode Fabrication QuantumScape San Francisco Bay Area - Apr 16, 2014 J…

Started by B in Scientific Information

1 5 hours ago
Reply by B

Something smells

Can someone explain what mr Kofman is up to.The press releases do not match his actions by a long stretch.I don't for one minute believe a…

Started by Sherlock in Open Forum

21 9 hours ago
Reply by HoaryBat

The Six Stages of Investor Grief

Sign up below when you reach stage 6...   The Six Stages of Investor Grief   The Kebler-Cookie model, or the six stages of investor grief,…

Started by FrankP in Open Forum

4 10 hours ago
Reply by FrankP

What up with Chat?

No option to log in as a guest anymore? I dont think I want to log in with my real name so does this mean chat is dead? 

Started by Yukon in Open Forum

3 11 hours ago
Reply by student

Are retail investors being manipulated out?

From anybody who can read and write this looks like a conn job.This saga borders on the ridiculous.Is this type of absurdity acceptable in…

Started by Sherlock in Open Forum

2 12 hours ago
Reply by offgrid



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