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Why not below 100Hz?

Why the hell didn't Zenn publish the data for frequencies below 100Hz.The justification that measurements below 10Hz or even 100Hz would no…

Started by gaga

74 58 minutes ago
Reply by Y_Po

Uncomfortable truths for uranium nuclear power apologists

Here is an interesting read about a scientist who has done his homework on the effects of radiation from uranium nuclear power, both high a…

Started by AD2

96 12 hours ago
Reply by AD2

The Gooch said 5000 times

Since I've been accused to be a pumper I will start with a DISCLAIMER!! This time I don't have a calculation file for you, since most of th…

Started by gaga

1 13 hours ago
Reply by JCatania

Let's play Hockey

THREAD RULES. BE POLITE. NO AD HOMS (trying to prove argument by attacking the integrity of the arguer. It is fine to show specific instanc…

Started by ee-tom

2410 19 hours ago
Reply by Kahuna

Wind Energy News

This discussion is dedicated to all things related to energy generation using wind.

Started by DGDanforth

223 yesterday
Reply by Y_Po

Zenn 2014 AGM Information Circular and Message to Shareholders

About as expected...but hey... we have "internationally recognized experts" on the TAC and Zenn is very "flattered" about it. From the Mes…

Started by FrankP

120 on Sunday
Reply by Clarity2009

Why Percolative Nanocomposite Specs May Bode Well For High ED

Here's the presentation of obvious but arcane trivia which makes it seem that just about any percolative nanocomposite (e.g. the many BT na…

Started by JCatania

0 on Sunday

OK I finally listened to AGM, here are few comments

OK I finally listened to AGM, here are few observations. This Gooch creature is really old,I wonder if he is  still alive, someone should c…

Started by Y_Po

25 on Sunday
Reply by ee-tom

Do RC Networks Lead to Rising k with Decreasing Frequency?

I enjoin the reader to post comments on the papers listed. Two of these papers appear in B's  You Say AC, He Says DC: I'm Thunderstruck on…

Started by JCatania

6 on Saturday
Reply by ee-tom

You Say AC, He Says DC: I'm Thunderstruck

Many seem to think we can now safely put this EEStor thing to bed. But thanks to Greg Gooch, we have at least one more EEStory before we s…

Started by B

114 on Saturday
Reply by matrixman



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