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IDTechEx: Supercapacitors To Steal Lithium-Ion Battery Market Share

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lensman Jul 10. 11 Replies

[Quoting from the article at InsideEVs:]Market research company IDTechEx recently presented a brave thesis that “Supercapacitors can destroy the lithium-ion battery market“. Such statement was issued…Continue

Tags: energy, density, graphene, li-ion, batteries

Inconvenient Facts for Anti-Nuclear Hysteria Apologists

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lensman Apr 26. 22 Replies

To recap the debate thus far:AD2 posted a link to a hysterical, fear-mongering article which claimed (wrongly) that despite government testing, there are dangerous levels of radioactive materials in…Continue

Isentropic, Ltd. Pumped Heat Energy Storage (PHES)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lensman Apr 2. 13 Replies

Continuing the discussion from another thread...JCatania said:Lensman, the CC [Combined Cycle power plant] record is not of interest. Then why did you bring up the subject?I'm well aware of the…Continue

Tags: PHES, pump, heat, isentropic

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Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Wind Energy News
""For Lensman"? If your goal is to convince one skeptic, then you've set your sights pretty low. And repeating the same fallacy over and over doesn't make it true, Fibb. Note the specification of "capacity", not…"
Lensman replied to Futureman's discussion LENR or "Cold Fusion" Thread
" Yet another triumph of hope over experience. "
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Electric Car News
"BMW Readies 2 New Lines For Production Of Batteries/Components For PHEVs Is BMW getting serious about building plug-in EVs? I certainly hope so! Tesla Motors can't ramp up production fast enough to supply the entire EV revolution all by…"
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Tesla News
"What really scares the dealers is Tesla Motors selling cars via direct Internet sales, ala Amazon.com.  Cutting out the middleman benefits both the auto maker and the buyer. Dealerships are an antiquated business model which IMHO is doomed to…"
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Tesla News
"Two steps forward, one step back... Michigan Governor Snyder Signs Anti-Tesla Bill Into Law (w/video)"
Lensman replied to Prof Neilson's discussion The Allam Cycle - Lower Capital Cost - Lower Fuel Cost - No Pollution - From Fossil Fuels
"How wonderful to read some good news in the energy production field! Thanks for all those contributing to this thread. I look forward to more news about this with bated breath."
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Fusion News
"This isn't just theory, and I don't think it's just a computer simulation. This is not something that the Skunk Works just started work on. There is a PopSci article from Feb 2013 which states the Skunk Works was already…"
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Tesla News
"Panasonic Energy Corporation Established For Battery Production At Tesla GigafactoryObviously this was something to be expected, but it's nice to see things progressing as planned regarding the GigaFactory."
Lensman replied to Futureman's discussion LENR or "Cold Fusion" Thread
" Funny you don't apply that same criteria to Rossi's regurgitation of the same claims every six months or so. "
Oct 19
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Fusion News
"That's the way I see it, too. I don't think the Skunk Works is in the habit of announcing breakthroughs which turn out to be vaporware. Of course, I'm willing to be persuaded I'm wrong on that point if someone can provide…"
Oct 19
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Fusion News
"I expect the "Skunk Works" announcement will be the end of ITER funding, or at least that any funding not already allocated will taper off sharply. In fact, I expect to see a lot of the current funding for ITER redirected toward trying to…"
Oct 19
Lensman replied to Futureman's discussion LENR or "Cold Fusion" Thread
"And it does make a difference to you? Have you never been to a magic show? Does an audience of 100 or 1000 make it any harder for the magician to fool the audience than an audience of only 10? And what about Clever Hans? Did that horse have any…"
Oct 17
Lensman replied to Futureman's discussion LENR or "Cold Fusion" Thread
"I don't think it's so much that Parallel Rails would direct a team to keep exploring dead ends. It's that Rails believes that we should ignore evidence that something doesn't work. He'd just direct them to keep trying the…"
Oct 16
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Battery News
"At the risk of being cynical, have we ever seen a report of a battery breakthru, since TheEEStory was created, that was not premature? I don't think so. I got excited about the claims of German battery maker DBM, for their "Kolibri"…"
Oct 16
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Fusion News
"Thanks VERY much, WOD! From the description, talking about uses in powering aircraft carriers and even "nuclear planes", I guess they don't think the initial generation of practical fusors will be able to provide electricity at…"
Oct 15
Lensman replied to DGDanforth's discussion Graphene News
"So, what's the difference-- in commercial usefulness, not atomic structure-- between buckyballs and tiny bits of graphene in powder form? Can graphene powder be usefully used to coat battery electrodes to enormously increase the surface area,…"
Oct 15

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At 12:52am on April 03, 2012, Bretspot gave Lensman a gift
red ribbons = awesome.
At 10:27pm on June 13, 2012, DowntoEEarth said…

Lens, I have been hitting gas stations for 50 years.  They were there, they were dependable, and they were reasonably cheap for the fuel and service they provided.  I am all for the change to EV's, which will take time and cost me about $700 to set up a 220v plug/charging station in my garage. 

I could never complain about the job the oil industry has done to improve the growth and opportunity to get ahead in this USA.  In essence drilling is mining and is fairly labor intensive providing jobs for all sorts of support and technical industries not to mention the high paying jobs to refine and process petroleum into finished products.  They may have been forced to clean their act up, but they have done so and should continue, but to brush aside a great industry that has made this country great is hogwash.  You protest too much about things that will surely change in time without your or anyone's pushing. Canada and the US owe many of the best jobs still available to the oil and chemical industry.  I hope so, but I am not so confident the EESU will provide the number of jobs we need for some time.  To be cost effective, the EESU will likely be built with considerable automation, which does not put people to work.  I assume the jobs will come from the new products that will be made using this device.  Let us hope so anyway.  Then DW can truly save future generations of our young folks, provide manufacturing jobs and save the USA. 

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