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TheEEStory Also Rises

While ZENN and EEStor work to hide the bodies, I've been experimenting with ways to inject a bit more life into the website with new content sources. I will probably continue to do this until I get bored with it so that leaves us with an open opportunity for you to provide any feedback you may have.  Basically, I've been trying to gain a bit wider scope on things through…


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Remember EEStor On Earth Day 2009?

Where were you on April 22, 2009?  You were probably here like the rest of us salivating over the permittivity announcement from EEStor that turned out to be nearly a net zero news item until…


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Quantumscape Sought Occupancy in January 2014

Let's Quantumscape from EEStory for a bit.  I found a San Jose permit that indicates Quantumscape sought permission to move into their new facilities on January 23, 2014.  See attached. …


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What ZENN Reported vs What ZENN Should Have Reported & Why

We've had a few days now to think through what ZENN conveyed at the AGM and through their written publication the day before on testing progress at EEStor.   I'm going to provide an interpretation of the Press Release based on the additional context provided through Gregg Gooch's remarks at the AGM.  I'm going to go line by line.  I'm also going to admit at the outset that my take…


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Remember When Ulrich Taught Us How To Test?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but the approach for testing that Rick Ulrich described in a paper he posted here seems to be different from that being followed by the TAC. 

I'm not an expert and everyone knows I make lots of technical mistakes because it isn't my field but am I right about…


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The TAC is Less Effective Than This Website

It is becoming an annual rite of Spring for me but here is my scheduled rant about keeping elements of EEStor testing nonpublic. 

As I've said a million times, this is the only reliable way ahead to get objective testing conducted for EEStor's claims:

1) Document a set…


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Former ZENN Executive Shocks AGM With Claims

Former ZENN Vice President of Operations, Greg Gooch brought quite a wildcard to today's AGM in Toronto. Through a rather long comment, Gooch revealed that he was onsite at EEStor  during the Tescom tests.   Gooch further claimed that Weir completed his plan to install better test gear in January as planned.   Gooch said that Weir's most recent test results are significantly better than…


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TAC Test Results Mystery?

Let's have a look at the test results table:

It seems a problem is that this test data is AC.   Weir claims his energy storage takes place in DC.  We need to see test results at or below 10Hz if we take Weir's claims seriously.  The TAC says:…


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My AGM Questions

I would say that throughout my coverage of EEStor, I have taken at face value many of the claims and references to EEStor having successfully tested prototypes. These claims have been called into question by skeptics and expert skeptics as we all know. ZENN and EEStor's posture over the recent past (2 yrs or so) has been to weakly try and counter this skepticism through various public press…


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ZENN Issues Pre-AGM 2014 Press Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Apr 07, 2014 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- ZENN Motor Company Inc. CA:ZNN -34.92% ; ("ZENN" or the "Company"), today provided an update on the progress at EEStor, Inc. regarding the development of EESU…


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Lack of Pre-AGM Announcement Likely Means There is No There There?

Think about it like this. If ZENN had any fabulously great news, they would likely publish it right away.  That way everyone could savor it and come up with questions ZENN wants asked at the AGM. You don't throw a ticker tape parade without accomplishing something first and then announcing it immediately upon completion. No announcement = no accomplishment = no parade.

If they…


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The Post AGM Life Of This Website

Suppose this AGM comes and goes and we're all still wondering if EEStor has a product. In that case, I would be inclined to shut the website down. It's a distraction to me at this point and it doesn't always cover my costs.

Sometimes I think moving the site topic to be more widely about energy storage and adjacent enabled technologies but I'm not sure there is an upside to that.

Anyway, wondered what the readers here think. I know some love to discuss LENR and climate… Continue

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Jim Kofman Interview: 27 January 2014

I just spent 10 minutes with Jim Kofman trying to size up where his head is with the EEStory.  Before I asked my first question, he mentioned that the new Jamin Patrick spent his first day onsite at EEStor today. Patrick's report to Kofman was everyone was positive, enthusiastic and helpful.  Not surprising.  

I asked Kofman what gave him confidence in the ZENN enterprise at the moment.  He talked about their control of EEStor, the team they are…


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Pending PR Apparently About Potatoes?

According to long time EEStory follower Glo-Bug, Jim Kofman has signaled that a Press Release will be issued prior to market open Monday indicating the EEStor deal is completed and ZENN now presumably owns 67% of EEStor.  GB says JK said this is a deal everyone wanted and that--take a deep breath---now ZENN can start to figure out what EEStor has.  This translates roughly into buying a potato factory to see…


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Science Leads to Truth. Scientists.... Not Always.

From Steve Krivit via email:

On Monday, Jan. 20, New Energy Times will publish "Federal Investigations Reveal Academic Backstabbing at Purdue University."

The report is about the controversy surrounding Rusi Taleyarkhan, a professor in the Purdue University School of Nuclear Engineering, and his research. Taleyarkhan has said that his group's nuclear cavitation research may lead to a new carbon-free clean-energy technology, yet it has never been independently replicated.… Continue

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ZENN Players Before EEStor Layers?

After years of funding and orchestrating EEStor testing failure after testing failure only to resolve to take over control of EEStor to get the testing they need, ZENN has decided to take a break from all their success and issue themselves 800,000+ shares of stock options. 

Skeptics will say this is not proof of third party confirmation of EEStor layers.  Believers will…


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What does "Due Diligence" in ZENN Press Release Mean?

ZENN has published a very information dense press release this morning covering many of the details of a complicated attempt to merge EEStor and ZENN.  Who gets what, how much and when are not exactly tied down according to the release because it the deal is "subject to a number of conditions."  Thanks to this, the complexities of the deal can be safely placed to…


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Leaked Video Draws Conniptions

Photo Intended As Distraction Only. 

Just when you thought everything was rock solid and EEStor was about to launch into…


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Peter Phillips Online Memorial Announcement


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