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Airborne Ebola: Old News & Yes, Already Proven

No sense in hyping this so forgive the short intro:


In 1989, Reston, VA─ one of the most famous U.S. planned communities located about 10 miles from Washington DC─ stood at the epicenter of a potential biological disaster. This well-known story was narrated by Richard Preston in a bone chilling account related to the recognition and containment of a…


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Thanks Canada: Ebola Vaccine Ships

http://www.bbc.com/news/health-29680393 ;

fRiggin Canadians!  Excellent work!

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Ebola Containment: CDC vs WHO

I'll keep this short and sweet.  After this first case of Ebola was announced in Texas, I was concerned and then very concerned when it was mentioned this person traveled through an airport I use in Washington DC, namely, Dulles airport in Virginia.

Some in the media, have been spreading an idea that apparently is being touted by the CDC. Namely, Ebola is only spread by people showing…


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Quantumscape Job Portends Manufacturing?

First you make a material science discovery of something new and interesting.  Then you build a prototype paying attention not only to repeatable outcomes but also costs and scalability. With this groundwork in place, you begin planning your manufacturing strategy. 

That appears to be where Quantumscape is at if their recent job advertisement on Linkedin is any indication. (it may not…


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Who was that masked man? - An EEnterview of the Fabled EEStorblogger

Nothing lasts forever... except this story it seems.   Still, we appear to have reached a tipping point.  There is a change in the air.  Sure, one can still ponder the ultimate outcome but the days of intrigue and mystery are largely behind us.  Gone are the days where ZMC wondered when Dick Weir was going to deliver something commercial, and also, the days where Dick Weir had to worry about keeping his operation / research funded.  …


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Supercaps made from hemp? Sure - why not?

A Supercapacitor Battery Made From Hemp

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: August 22, 2014 Energy Breakthrough, A Supercapacitor Battery Made From Hemp

Energy Breakthrough, A Supercapacitor Battery Made From Hemp

Marijuana could solve one of America’s biggest problems, without anyone smoking it

As Hemp makes a comeback in the US after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that…


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ZENN Hires Intertek to Test EEStor

Zenn announced today it has hired Intertek to validate claims advanced by EEStor in reference to technology thought to be of value to the commercial capacitor industry. Specifically, ZENN claims EEStor claims they have some caps that test to some…


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Quantumscape Patents Publish With More Jobs

Anyway, as the title indicates, some new patents from Quantumscape have emerged.  Is Q pursuing a lithium ion device or something else?  

What is going on over at Quantumscape any way?  Do YOU know?



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Nekote Memorial Service

I've been trying to think of a fitting tribute to Nekote who poured so much blood, sweat and tears into enabling us all to carry out our obsession so effortlessly here.  I've decided we're going to do two things. First, we will have a preliminary memorial all day June 14, 2014.  That day will be Nekote Day.  You can post your memories, thoughts and comments in a thread I…


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Ta'day the day?

It is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of another long time member of this community: Nekote. Just as we did with PeterP, I will schedule a time to have a proper online memorial.  Stay tuned for that. 

I know the news of Nekote passing will be a blow to many of you as it is to me.  In a very real way, Nekote…


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Energy Storage Social Network

As you know, I've been dabbling a bit with feeds to bring in more energy storage news.  I haven't gotten a lot of feedback on this so it seems obvious people are fairly focused on ZENN/EEStor, LENR, AGW and other stuff like that.   

I had originally thought that if EEStor delivered, this site would turn into a place where all aspects of energy storage are discussed etc.    That seems less likely all the time. 

But, I have a renewed interest in…


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It Ain't Pretty But It Ain't Over: Long Live TheEEstory

I'm just saying. Seems bleak but strange things are afoot at the circle K.

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Kofman Departs ZENN

ZENN announced the departure of Jim Kofman today.  Allan Gregg also resigned.  Jamin Patrick's consulting contract was not extended. 

My reaction to this news is mixed. The only thing…


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Roger Hammock Comments Upon Departure

I received the following statement via email this afternoon from Roger Hammock concerning his departure from ZENN announced today:

I wanted to offer some clarification on the…


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Hammock OUT: Clifford IN at EEStor

ZENN issued a press release announcing Roger Hammock's departure from ZENN. 

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Greg Gooch: Kofman Could Do Better & Weir is a Deity

U P D A T E:

I have been asked by Greg Gooch to publish the following statement in conjunction with my previously posted article:  

I apologize for anything I was quoted as saying regarding Jim Kofman or ZENN that attacks their integrity or reputation. Specifically, I…


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Quantumscape CEO Jagdeep Singh Goes Waaaaaay Back with Khosla & KPCB

I've been a little curious about Quantumscape lately.  As you know, our vocal Russian skeptic Y_Po says their technology based on Friedrich Prinz's Stanford research isn't real, won't work and that ultimately his involvement in Quantumscape is sort of a scam.  Y_Po uses much worse language than this and insists there is no such…


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TheEEStory Also Rises

While ZENN and EEStor work to hide the bodies, I've been experimenting with ways to inject a bit more life into the website with new content sources. I will probably continue to do this until I get bored with it so that leaves us with an open opportunity for you to provide any feedback you may have.  Basically, I've been trying to gain a bit wider scope on things through…


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Remember EEStor On Earth Day 2009?

Where were you on April 22, 2009?  You were probably here like the rest of us salivating over the permittivity announcement from EEStor that turned out to be nearly a net zero news item until…


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Quantumscape Sought Occupancy in January 2014

Let's Quantumscape from EEStory for a bit.  I found a San Jose permit that indicates Quantumscape sought permission to move into their new facilities on January 23, 2014.  See attached. …


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